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Category: Health

Fall in Love With Water

Want to knock a few dollars off of your grocery bill without changing the amount of food that you buy? Stop buying drinks. Even though lemonades, herbal teas, and smoothies are all paleo friendly drinks, making these takes ingredients and those ingredients cost money. Even a small box of herbal teas can add as much as $5-$7 to your grocery bill. So many times we spend money on things that we don’t consciously realize we are spending money on and these choices can cause a lot of frustration when we… Read more Fall in Love With Water

The Hidden Beauty of Co-ops

Sometimes the best place to find healthy eating success is in your own backyard, literally. So many times we have to choose between our health and our budget and that is an extremely unfair choice to have to make. Thankfully many communities are starting to come together in order to get healthy, and one of the ways they are doing this is with community supported co-ops. In a nutshell a co-op is when a group of people pay a certain fee in order to share a farm style operation. When… Read more The Hidden Beauty of Co-ops

Know Your Labels

Many times people start on a healthy eating journey and are frustrated by their results. It is not uncommon for these people to be shocked and surprised because they have been eating healthy foods and they are still not losing any weight or becoming more healthy overall. More often than not this frustration can be avoided simply by learning to read food labels. Have you ever walked through your local health food store? A common misconception is that simply because something is considered ‘healthy enough’ to be at the health… Read more Know Your Labels

Your Meat Matters

If you have been on the paleo diet for a while, you know that meat is one of the top sources of protein. While animal protein is important on this diet, the cost can be a little overwhelming. Here are some tips for feeding your family enough meat on paleo, without breaking your budget. Choose Cheaper Cuts of Meats Just because you need to eat animal protein, doesn’t mean it has to be the thickest, most expensive cut of beef or pork money can buy. There are a lot of… Read more Your Meat Matters

The True Cost of Your Health

It seems one of the hardest things to do is get control of our health. And it doesn’t help that everywhere you turn there is a new health guru or diet trend that promises the gift of true health but rarely delivers. The problem with these ‘quick and easy’ health solutions is two-fold. First, even if something helps you to lose weight that doesn’t mean that you are getting healthier. And secondly, many times these diet trends are not well tested and can actually cause health issues for you in… Read more The True Cost of Your Health

Acceptable Diabetic Foods

This list is based on a low-carb diet plan, although it is not strictly low-carbs. Carbs are allowed, but try to avoid processed carbs as much as possible. Processed carbs are prepackaged foods, cakes, cookies, most breads, pasta, etc. Proteins: Fish Shellfish Lean meats Poultry Fruits & Vegetables: You can basically eat all the leafy greens you want. Limit the consumption of potatoes, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables. Limit the consumption of corn. Limit fruits, but have one to two servings per day. Tip: Banana and peanut butter are… Read more Acceptable Diabetic Foods