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Category: Guest Post

How to Improve Your Health with Tai Chi

How to Improve Your Health with Tai Chi   Tai chi is a form of martial arts, but is also a way for people to connect with their mind and body while meditating. The people who use practice tai chi move very slowly, performing specific movements and breathing in a specific way involving 13 exercises that mimic movements animals make. The exercises are designed to improve physical endurance, mental clarity and overall health. Tai chi uses the ideas of opposing forces like yin and yang, as well as “qi” which… Read more How to Improve Your Health with Tai Chi

Scents That Improve Your Mental Health

Scents That Improve Your Mental Health   For centuries, essential oils with strong scents have been used to help treat a variety of ailments, including mental health disorders. Most essential oils can be used in a variety of forms – from teas, to lotions, to sprays. Using essential oils in this way can work for many mental health issues, from anxiety to depression. It’s a great way to avoid using chemicals and worth a try with your doctor’s support. * Lavender – Feeling stressed out? Take a hot bath with… Read more Scents That Improve Your Mental Health

10 Foods to Exfoliate Your Skin

Ten Foods You Can Use to Exfoliate Your Skin   Skin can get dry and sometimes you need a quick way to fix that problem. And if you don’t have easy access to lotion, you can just go into your kitchen and find some products which are just as great for your skin as any lotion you can find in stores. Here are ten of the best foods to put on your skin. 1. Strawberries – There are two easy ways to apply strawberries to your face. One way is… Read more 10 Foods to Exfoliate Your Skin