Redwood National Park: More Than Just Trees

Redwood National Park might be home to the famous redwoods, but did you know that there is a lot more than that? It’s also home to many species of wildlife, 40 miles of coastline, and many cultural traditions. Here are some things to do during your trip.

Wildlife Watching
Due to the many ecosystems in the park, you can see a wide variety of animals including sea stars, black bears, and bald eagles. On the prairies you can spot Roosevelt elk. The coast is home to sea lions, grey whales, ospreys, pelicans, and gulls. In the forest you can find mountain lions, raccoons, and chipmunks. Just be careful not to get too close and never feed wild animals.

If you’re interested in preservation, then check out Redwood Creek. This area was once a major logging site. It’s now being restored by clearing out the debris, filling in old streams, and reshaping the hills. By doing all this, the park hopes to restore the natural balance and prevent erosion. You can watch them do this while visiting this part of the park.

History and Culture
Redwood State Park has an interesting history; native Americans have been living there for thousands of years. There were many different tribes rather than just one. The EuroAmericans left their mark too. You can still see some of the structures left over by both groups. Also, check out the Old Redwood Highway, one of the oldest highways in the park.

Redwood National Park is more than just trees; it’s also a whole new world.


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